Where to find Juicy Game in Resident Evil Village

An excellent health boost.

Image via Capcom

Several wild animals are running around the village in Resident Evil Village. If you spend some time hunting them down, you can add their ingredients to your inventory and give them to The Duke. He can use them to enhance your overall stats, further making yourself stronger and increasing your chances of survival against the many enemies attempting to battle you. If you’re looking for Juicy Game, you can find it on a bird. You can only find it in a specific location, and it’s easy to miss.

You gain the first hint of where to find the bird after you’ve completed House Beneviento. On your way back, an alternative path opens up for you and over by the garden. There’s an outhouse over here that contains a picture of a strange bluebird. There’s little to no description given to you about the photograph, but it shows the bird overlooking the graveyard back at the village.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The bird’s location is here, to the left of the Maidan of War statue, in the small corner of the graveyard. It’s a dark blue creature, sitting in the trees. We recommend you use your pistol to shoot it down from the three.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve killed the bird, you can take it back to The Duke so he can make you his special dish using it. The dish that requires Juicy Game is the Tochitura de Pui. It also requires five servings of poultry from chickens and three servings of meat from pigs. The item will greatly increase your health permanently.