Where To Find Kingpaca In Palworld & How To Beat It

This King of alpacas Kingpaca may look like a pillow pet, but he’s no pushover.

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Kingpaca isn’t called King for nothing. This massive llama Pal is one of the first bosses you encounter in Palworld, in a large patch of open space not too far from where players first spawn.

If you’ve tried to fight Kingpaca unprepared before, you know he’s no pushover. In fact, it is very hard to push this thing over, considering how big and powerful it is. Just one ground pound from a Kingpaca can deal hundreds of damage. In this quick guide, we’ll explain how to take on Kingpaca properly and what you can do (and build ahead of time) to make taking on this boss easier.

Kingpaca Location in Palworld

Screenshot by Gamepur

He’s hard to miss, but it’s a little trouble finding this royal pain if you’ve never explored the upper-mid area of the map before. You can find Kingpaca by venturing north from where you started and west until you find a dense forest full of yellow trees. Above that area is a large clearing where you’ll find a well-dressed (and GIGANTIC} Kingpaca. Like any boss, it’s bigger and more powerful than other members of its species.

The unfortunate part about his location is that it is an entirely open space. There are no pillars to protect you, no trees to hide behind, and no rocks to try and get the Kingpaca stuck on so that you can cheese it with Poison Arrow shots or a fox-fueled flamethrower. Kingpaca is nothing if not a massive blob of health that will not go down without a frustrating fight, which is why we’ve detailed a few helps that you can use for taking the big boy down below.

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How To Beat Kingpaca

When you find Kingpaca, he’ll be hanging out with two Melpaca right beside him. These can be a little trouble since your Pal may focus on them instead of on the primary target, so do yourself a favor and take them out yourself so that your team can focus on the HP sponge in front of them. After you’re done taking out the two little guys, you can focus on the king with some of these handy tactics in mind as you fight:

  • Don’t forget that you can dodge: Pressing CTRL allows you to dodge roll, which can be great for dodging moves like Air Cannon, which Kingpaca uses for ranged attacks.
  • Watch for when the boss looks at you: Any boss in Palworld has very telling behavior regarding targeting you or your Pal. It will stare at its next target for a few seconds. If you see the Kingpaca looking your way, get ready to dodge.
  • Use arrows (lots of them): If you’re looking to support your Pals as they fight this behemoth, the best thing to do is inundate it with arrows. Elemental arrows, or three arrows with the triple shot bow, are even more ideal. Because Kingpaca is a big target, hitting him from a safe distance away isn’t hard.
  • Try freezing Kingpaca: Freezing is a valuable strategy if you want to keep your enemy from dishing out damaging moves to your Pal or yourself. In the case of Kingpaca, it means less jumping on you and flattening you with a single hit. Ice attacks always have a chance to freeze a Pal in place for a few heaven-sent seconds, allowing you to assault them with arrows or a spear.
  • Hide behind Iron Ore: There may not be many places to hide in this open field, but there is exactly one. The Iron Ore in this battle zone can be a great place to hide for a few seconds as you rest and recharge.

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If you’re still having trouble taking down the king with your team, there are a few adjustments you can make to your preparation strategy that may help you out:

  • Invest in Dark types: Kingpaca is a Neutral type, and while he may have a bunch of health, that health can be more rapidly reduced if you have a super effective ace up your sleeve.
  • Upgrade your weaponry: If you can, upgrade what you’re using as soon as possible. Metal Spears are great against any enemy and damage significantly more than a Baseball Bat or the first spear you obtain in the game. Investing in a few Poison Arrows can also help.
  • Use Lifmunk Effigies at the Statue of Power: Effigies can be offered up not only to improve your character but your Pals as well. If you have a permanent member on your team already, invest in some stats to make them as powerful as you can. These require Pal Souls, which can be obtained throughout the map.