How to Get Rushoar Saddle in Palworld

Rushoar is a mount in Palworld, but players must catch it and unlock a saddle before using it as their get-away car during exploration.


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If you want to get anywhere fast in Palworld, the first step is getting yourself a mount. Players have plenty of options for a critter they can ride, but one of the easiest to get early on is Rushoar. While it’s no Rhyhorn, it does a decent job of acting as a mode of transportation.

While catching a Rushoar is fairly simple, players can’t ride their mounts bareback in Palworld. Instead, players will need to track down a Rushoar, and then unlock and build a saddle for the Pal to take it out around the map as a rideable companion. Thankfully, we have all the details for how to get racing.

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Where to Find Rushoar in Palworld

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Rushoar is an elusive beast in Palworld, not because it’s actually reclusive, but because so much spawns in its habitat at once. When the game isn’t dumping Lamballs on you from one island to the next, you can find Rushoar primarily in the northwest. This pal is extra useful because he has the Partner Skill Hard Head, which allows you to mount and ride him.

You’ll primarily see them in fielded areas, but I’ve seen them in all kinds of places where a boar shouldn’t be. They swim in the water, wander through an autumn forest, or skip across rocky islands going from one major landmass to another. They spawn during the day and at night, for those who adventure at all time of day.

To avoid killing it, make sure your Dark types are snug away in their Pal Spheres since that’s about the only thing that super-effective against a Neutral type.

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How to Unlock the Rushoar Saddle in Palworld

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Once you have a Rushoar in Palworld, the hidden item in level 6 of your Technology menu should display the Rushoar Saddle.

The Rushoar Saddle can be crafted using the below materials:

  • x3 Leather
  • x10 Stone
  • x5 Paldium Fragments

Once you’ve crafted your Rushoar Saddle and put it in your inventory, send out your Rushoar and hold down the F key to use Rushoar’s Hard Head partner skill to ride it. No matter where you are or what your Rushoar is currently doing, holding down the F key is like a signal for it to come to you and become your mount via its Partner Skill, Hard Head.

Players can do the same with any other mountable Pal in Palworld, switching between rides for both ground and air travel. Once mounts are unlocked, exploration becomes that much easier for those looking to uncover every inch of the map.

Gathering Materials for Rushoar Saddle

Leather can be gotten from Wandering Merchants for 150g apiece. You can also find it as a common loot drop from certain pals like Fuack, Firesparks, and Eikthyrdeer. You can get stone by mining rocks or building a Stone Pit at your base. Finally, Paldium Fragments can be gotten by mining blue Paldium rocks.

Palworld’s filled with all kinds of useful Pals whose abilities make the game easier. Check out our guide on where to find all legendary Pals for even more tips and tricks.