Where to find Milk Elementals in Vampire Survivors

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Image via Poncle

Vampire Survivors is a game with plenty of quirky enemies to defeat along the way. One of the funniest enemies to face is the Milk Elementals. You would be forgiven if you thought these enemies were just another form of spooky ghosts when you see them shambling towards you in all white, but no — they are actually reanimated milk, ready to punish you for not taking your daily dose of calcium. If you’re wondering where to find these enemies and why you should go looking for them, this guide will explain where to find Milk Elementals in Vampire Survivors.

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Where are the Milk Elementals found in Vampire Survivors

Milk Elementals are an enemy type in Vampire Survivors that can appear in three distinct zones. To find Milk Elementals, you have to play in either:

  • Dairy Plant
  • Boss Rash
  • Eudaimonia Machine

Within their home territory of Dairy Plant, the Milk Elementals will first appear as part of swarm events and then as regular waves of mobs every few minutes into your run. This makes it probably the best option to farm them in large quantities. In Boss Rash, the Milk Elementals appear as normal enemies at around the 7-minute mark into the run. Meanwhile, in Eudaimonia Machine, they are a type of mob that is summoned by The Directer.

Image via Vampire Survivors

But you may be wondering why you would want to farm these enemies. The answer is easy, though not obvious. If you kill 3.000 Milk Elementals in total, you will unlock Bianca Ramba as a new playable character. She starts with Carréllo as her starting weapon and has extra +1 projectiles every 20 levels up to level 60. Otherwise, you would have to cast the “carramba” spell in Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane to unlock her, so it’s up to you to pick your preferred method.