Where to find Mystic Frogs in Terraria

A mystic hippity-hoppity.

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Along with your player character and the NPCs, the various mobs, and Bosses, Terraria also boasts a healthy population of critters. These are non-harmful biome-specific small animals that just go about their day and try to survive the mayhem that invariably threatens the world. In the new Terraria 1.4.4 update dubbed Labor of Love, a new critter has appeared that is more than it seems. Aptly named Mystic Frog, this critter frolics around but hides more than its small stature suggests. This guide will explain where to find Mystic Frog in Terraria and what you can do when you find it.

Mystic Frog location in Terraria

The Mystic Frog is a pink and tan amphibian critter that can be found only in the Jungle biome. You can find it jumping around the greenery, especially near the various ponds and waterfalls that the biome is known for. As with all critters, the exact spawn locations are random, but you can detect them with the help of the Lifeform Analyzer.

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If you’re having trouble finding the Mystic Frog, you can try using a Water Candle to help increase the spawn rate. Just remember that this item also increases the spawn rate of enemy mobs. Another option is to use the Battle Potion consumable, which has the same effect as the Water Candle.

Another option for increasing the critter spawn rate is to build a town in the Jungle biome and move in three or more NPCs there. That way, the spawning rate of enemy mobs will get greatly reduced around it, while the critter spawn rate will increase.

What is the Mystic Frog used for in Terraria?

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Unlike some critters, if you try to catch the Mystic Frog with a net, it will disappear in a puff of smoke. So if that doesn’t work, what can you do? Well, you can use the Purification Powder on it. You can get some powder from the Dryad for just 75 Copper Coins. When you use it on the Mystic Frog, it will turn into a brand new Town Pet, the Mystic Slime.