Where to find Pennywise’s balloon in Saints Row – Stephen King’s It easter egg

See the red balloon in a storm drain for yourself.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The 2022 Saints Row reboot is full of easter eggs that make references to some of developer Volition’s favorite pop culture. If you’re a horror fan, then you’re no doubt familiar with the terrifying TV mini-series It, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. It tells the story of Pennywise, a freaky, toothsome clown who lives in a storm drain and lures children to their doom using innocent-looking red balloons, among other things. Well, while Pennywise himself is nowhere to be seen in Saints Row, there is a red balloon bobbing up and down inside a storm drain, which is an obvious reference if ever we saw one.

Where is the Stephen King’s It easter egg in Saints Row

Screenshot by Gamepur

In the center of Santo Iles is a large lake named Lake Sabastian, and in the middle of Lake Sabastian is an island called Boothill Island. The storm drain is in the middle of the eastern shore of Boothill Island. To get there, you can either swim, which will take a long while, or hijack one of the boats cruising around the lake. High walls reinforce the east side of Boothill Island, and the storm drain opening faces south close to a corner where the walls jut out into the water a little bit. Pennywise’s balloon, the Stephen King’s It easter egg, is just inside that storm drain, slowly bobbing up and down.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

The balloon doesn’t seem to do anything. You can’t collect it, and you can’t even shoot it or destroy it in any other way. But you can look at it and think, “Ah, a red balloon in a storm drain. A clever homage to Stephen King’s It for those of us in the know.” Then you can maybe take a photo of it and show it to your friends.