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Where to find The Worthy Hammer collectible in Saints Row – Thor’s Hammer easter egg

Whoever find this hammer, should they be worthy, shall gain the power of The Saints.

Collectibles are a big part of Saints Row, and you will want to find as many as you can if you want to make your headquarters look awesome. After all, that rundown church isn’t going to get filled with strange and peculiar items on its own. Among the various collectibles you can find, there is one that can only be found by someone worthy enough to discover its location. The Worthy Hammer is an obvious easter egg that references the original Thor movie. To find it, you will need to travel far out of town.

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The Worthy Hammer collectible location in Saints Row

Each of the collectibles in Saints Row will give you the location if you look for it. Go into the collectibles app on your in-game phone, and you will find the Thor collectible in the small section. The hint for this collectible is that it can be found in the Southern Badlands in the southwestern corner of the map.

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The rest of the hint will let you know that the hammer is located in a place where power lines run through a dried-up lakebed and that there is a stuck boat nearby. Head to the location marked on the map above. Along the main road that is south of the location on the map, you will see the power lines run through the lakebed. In the center of the lakebed is where you will find the boat stuck on a rock next to a kinetic statue.

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Near the boat, you will find The Hammer Worthy collectible in a divot in the ground. It is easy to overlook since the mounds of dirt along the divot can cover up the hammer’s location.

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Take a picture of the hammer to unlock it. Afterward, you will be able to use it as art piece in your headquarters.

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