Where to find Petalcaps in New World

Petalcaps is required to complete the “Weakness of the Ego quest.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

Finding Petalcaps in New World can be a hassle since it’s not highlighted in any of the fan-made resource maps. Although the resource is barely used in the game, it is one of the required ingredients to complete the “Weakness of the Ego quest” and the Rivercress stem and Water. If you are struggling to locate Petalcaps in New World, this guide will help you farm the resource.

Where to find Petalcaps

Image via Amazon Game Studios

Harvesting Fronded Petalcaps will yield Petalcaps in New World. The plant is not big and is green in color, making it hard to spot. If you’re not careful, you might walk right past it. That said, head over to the first Light area to find Fronded Petalcaps. Once you reach there, search for Fronded Petalcaps near the river north to the Nyhart’s Anchorage, on the outskirts of the Windsward and First Light regions.

Players should be able to find a decent amount of Fronded Petalcaps plants here. Once you spot the plant, simply interact with it and harvest the Petalcap using a sickle. Along with Petalcap, it will also yield Mushroom and Mushroom Fins.

To complete the “Weakness of the Ego quest,” players need 3x Water, 3x Petalcaps, and 3x Rivercress Stems. While gathering Water is simple, collecting Petalcaps and Rivercress Stems may take some time.