Where to find Rivercress stem in New World

Rivercress stem is required for completing the “Weakness of the Ego” quest.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

There are plenty of materials and resources in New Wold to collect. From crafting powerful weapons to brewing mystical consumables, resources are used everywhere. One of the more important ingredients in New World is the Rivercress stem, a resource required for completing the “Weakness of the Ego” quest.

Where to find Rivercress stem

Image via Amazon Game Studios

Rivercress is a plant that can mostly be found around any water body in New World. It looks like a standard plant but has a trumpet-like luminous flower on top of it, which gives it a very mystical aesthetic.

As mentioned before, players can usually find Rivercress near any water source such as a river or a lake. However, if players want a more precise location for the plant, they can go to the following areas:

  • Any waterbody in Windsward region
  • Millberry Hill’s fishing spot
  • Broadfishing spot
  • Riverseat

When you go to any of the locations mentioned above, just take a stroll in the area, and you should be able to pinpoint plenty of Rivercress plants. Once you find a Rivercress plant, you can harvest its stem using a sickle. When you harvest the stem from the Rivercess plant, you’ll also get Water Motes, Rivercess Flower, and River leaf. Players should note that Rivercress stem can only be harvested once players have reached level 30.