Where to find Platypet in Temtem

The hoax that became reality.


Platypet is a particularly adorable looking Temtem, who bears a striking resemblance to a platypus. He doesn’t stay cute for long, as this Water and Toxic-type gets beefier looking with each of his two evolutions. Platypet will evolve into Platox after leveling up 20 times, and Platox will evolve into Platimous after another 20 levels. A wild Platypet should have the Toxic Affinity and Amphibian traits.

Platypus is a popular Temtem due to the advantages of a Water and Toxic-type. Platypet will be strong against Water, Fire, and Earth-types, but is weak against Electric and Wind-types. It will do, and take, regular damage from all other types, making it a great filler Temtem for your squad.

Platypet’s origins are very interesting and have added to its popularity. Originally designed as a hoax by Leopoldo Spagna, the parts of the internet were convinced that it was a new Pokemon. PokeNinja, a Twitch streamer, fell in love with the design and was so sad that it wasn’t a real Pokemon design that he decided to try and get it into Temtem, which was running a Kickstarter campaign at the time. He purchased a special Kickstarter tier that allowed people to put forward a Temtem design, then put Crema in touch with Spagna, and the rest is history.

Where to find Platypet

You can find Platypet on the island of Tucma. They will spawn at the Corrupted Badlands, the Xolot Reservoir, and the Mines of Mictlan. You cannot find Platox or Platimous in the wild, and will need to evolve them from a Platypet.

Platypet Stats

  • HP – 55
  • STA – 39
  • SPD – 65
  • ATK – 45
  • DEF – 31
  • SPATK – 67
  • SPDEF – 59


From Leveling

3Water BladeWaterSpecial52100Slow
4Venomous ClawsToxicPhysical4090Normal
7Sand SplatterEarthPhysical3570Normal
9Cheer UpNeutralStatus70Very Fast
14Aqua Bullet HellWaterSpecial67170Normal
18TsunamiWater and WindSpecial70251Normal