Where to find Powerful Scorn enemies in Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy – Powerful Scorn Trace Bounty

Tougher than the average Scorn.

Destiny 2 Scorn

At times, you will need to hunt down specific types of enemies in Destiny 2. This can be for a quest, bounties, or limited time events that occur in the game. The Season of the Worthy has introduced Rasputin Bounties, one of which is to find Powerful Taken enemies. Powerful enemies are anything above a red health bar. Fortunately, tracking them down is pretty easy to do. 

The Dreaming City

Dreaming City

The Scorn can be found all over the Dreaming City, but more important the area hosts two different Scorn Public Events. The Ether Harvest can be located in The Strand and the Divalian Mists and will spawn plenty of Powerful Scorn for you to fight. The Rift Generator event can be found in the Strand and is the best place to farm Powerful Scorn.

Tangled Shore

If there are no active Public Events in the Dreaming City, you can check Four Horn Gulch on the Tangled Shore, as it will also host an Ether Harvest event from time to time.


The Hollowed Lair Strike on the Tangled Shore features The Fanatic boss, and the last portion is filled with Powerful Scorn enemies, but it does mean playing through an entire strike to get to them.


If you regularly play Gambit, then you can find Powerful Scorn every time they end up being the enemy horde in this mode. It’s not ideal, as you never know which enemy type you will be fighting, but if you are in no rush, and play a lot of Gambit anyway, it’s a solid way to find them.