Where to find Roaring Moon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Find a rare Paradox Pokémon.

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The Paldea region in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet include several new Paradox monsters. These Paradox monsters resemble well-known Pokémon that have been in prior games. One such Pokémon that falls in that category is the Roaring Moon, a Dark/Dragon monster that has the same look as Hoenn favorite Salamence. So, how can you find Roaring Moon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? Let’s go over the location that this monster can be found, plus some tips on how to get Roaring Moon to spawn.

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Where to find Roaring Moon in Scarlet and Violet

First, keep in mind that the Roaring Moon can be caught in Pokémon Scarlet. The Salamence doppelganger is only found in the Scarlet version, and not in Violet.

Now, Roaring Moon can be found at Area Zero. It can be found in the middle of the Paldea map, and can be entered through the following location:

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Once you have entered Area Zero, go to Research Station No. 3. From there, you will want to go to the left of the tunnel that will be directly in front of the entrance to Research Station No. 3. Go straight until you get near the tree that is at the end of the pathway. Then, make another left and go through the little entrance to a cave. It is right by the pile of rocks near that aforementioned tree.

Go through the cave until you get about halfway in. This is the area where Roaring Moon will spawn. It may not show up right away, so you may need to auto-battle monsters, in order to refresh the spawns.