Where to find Scale Hide in Valheim

Prepare to make some armor with Scale Hide.

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Scale Hide is one of the many helpful resources in Valheim. You’ll want to make sure to bring plenty of it back with you to your base and use it in multiple projects. It’s a valuable item, and tracking it can down is a bit of a chore, especially if you don’t know where to look. Unfortunately, it’s an item that you will need to wait a good amount of time to acquire, and it will be in one of the tougher regions. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Scale Hide in Valheim.

How to get Scale Hide in Valheim

Oddly enough, the Scale Hide comes from a unique place. Rather than trying to track down a tough enemy where you will need to engage in a difficult battle, the answer is trying to find the Hares in Valheim. The Hares are a unique animal that only spawns in the Mistlands biome. The Mistlands are one of the tougher areas of the game, which means you want to make sure you bring plenty of armor and weapons with you before you start an adventure here. If you’re comfortable roaming around the Plains, then the Mistlands might be a good place to go next, but we recommend you remain wary.

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Finding the Mistlands can be tough. We recommend searching around the middle regions of your world, close to where you can find other Plains and Mountains. These are some of the toughest biomes in Valheim, and they typically spawn next to each other. There are some Valheim seeds where you can find Mistlands closer to your spawn point, but it’s unlikely.

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When you find the Hare, you may want to use a ranged weapon to defeat them. However, hares are extremely quick, and if you try to use a melee weapon on them, they will hop away, and you won’t be able to acquire their helpful resources.