Where to find Silver Ore in Harvestella

Upgrade your weapons further.

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Since Harvestella is a life-sim RPG, it should come as no surprise that there are a ton of different materials for you to track down and collect in the game. The materials that you gather are used to craft items to use around your farm and can sometimes be used to fortify your weapons. Silver Ore is one of the few materials that you will want to bring to the blacksmith since it is great for fortifying weapons. The description will even tell you that it has anti-magic effects. This guide will show you where to find Silver Ore in Harvestella.

Silver Ore location in Harvestella

Just like Copper Ore, Silver Ore’s primary purpose is to be used as an upgrade material for you and your party’s weapons. We don’t need to tell you how important upgrading your gear is in an RPG game like Harestella. Early on, you may have a run-in with the blacksmith and she will tell you that she needs materials to fortify your gear if you plan on going out into the wild. While the first material needed is Copper Ore, you will quickly start needing Silver Ore.

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You can start finding Silver Ore once complete your first dungeon; Higan Canyon. After completing Higan Canyon, you will get tasked with going to the other Seaslights and exploring the world. During this time, head south to the Jade Forest. You can get Silver Ore from the following areas in the forest:

  • Gathered from mining spots around the area
  • Obtained from chests sprinkled throughout the forest
  • Occasionally dropped by monsters

As you can see, Silver Ore can drop from quite a few sources in the area. You can also collect more Copper Ore in this area if needed. If you still require more Silver Ore after going through the area, rest for the night and come back the next day to have everything respawn. Simply repeat this until you have the amount of Silver Ore required. Remember that monsters in this area are around level 15. Be sure to level up before venturing into the forest if needed.