How to Find Smithing Master Iji in Elden Ring

Tracking down Smithing Master Iji can be a challenge in Elden Ring, but this guide shows you the exact location you can find him.

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When it comes to tracking down certain characters in Elden Ring, it can be challenging to find their exact location. Not only can NPCs be difficult to find, but they notoriously move around the map as events occur, and Smithing Master Iji is a highly sought-after character.

Blacksmiths in Elden Ring are exceptionally helpful as they’re going to be how you improve your weapons and armor, improving them for the more grueling battles you have ahead of you. Smithing Master Iji is an important character to find, but you unfortunately have to track him down yourself, and you don’t get any hints. Here’s what you need to know about how to find Smithing Master Iji in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Smithing Master Iji in Elden Ring

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You will find your Smithing Master Iji in the northern section of Liurnia during your Elden Ring playthrough. Follow the route through the water until you reach the Kingsrealm Ruins, where you will enter a location full of magic users.

This is a dangerous location, and you might find yourself hard-pressed to track him down. Thankfully, Smithing Master Iji won’t be too challenging to find after you reach this location, and you’re in Liurnia. I would recommend that you expect to clear the area from any enemies before trying to find him, though. It’s going to be challenging to do it safely.

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You will be looking for an archway next to a tower in the ruins. In the game, however, the archway will appear solid. Hit the stone of the archway, and it will disappear, revealing the wall to be an illusion. On the other side, you will find a Site of Grace and Smithing Master Iji, who you can now speak to throughout your Elden Ring playthrough. He sells various strengths of smithing stones for you, but keep in mind that he only has a limited number of them.

Smithing Master Iji is also referred to as War Counselor Iji, especially if you plan to do Ranni the Witch‘s quest, where she asks you to speak with three of her followers. If you kill Blaidd during your Elden Ring playthrough, Smithing Master Iji will share he will eventually join Bladd in death. After this discussion, you find him later, where is covered in black flame, dropping Iji’s Bell bearing and Iji’s Mirrorhelm, alongside three Black Knife Assassins.