Where to find Starsilver in Genshin Impact

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Starsilver is a resource that can be found in the Dragonspire region of Genshin Impact. This mountainous region is difficult to explore, but you will need to traverse it if you want to get your hands on this resource.

It is definitely worth farm every time you see it, as it can be used to make the Warming Bottle, and can be turned into Fine Enhancement Ore at any blacksmith.

The ore more than likely has other important uses that we just have not discovered yet, and we will update this article with any further information as we learn it.

Starglow Cavern

Starglow Cavern is laden down with Starsilver. The many tunnels and paths that make up the cavern will yield plenty of this important resource.

East of Entombed City Outskirts

The area around the lake to the east of the Entombed City Outskirts is also a great place to farm Starsilver. You can find large groups of 5-6 rocks, that will yield 1-2 Starsilver each.

The peninsula to the southeast of Skyfrost Nail

To the southeast of Skyfrost Nail, there is a peninsula that juts out into the sea. This will have 4-5 nodes on it, each one giving up to three Starsilver each.

The coast east of the Ancient Palace

The coastline all along the east of the Ancient Palace is also a great place to farm for Starsilver, as it will have 6-7 nodes.