Where to find Sweet Flower in Genshin Impact

Sweet as sugar.

Sweet Flowers are a common resource in Genshin Impact, and they will grow all over the map. They are a small white and green plant with a yellow bulb, and they will grow in Mondstadt and Liyue.

You can purchase up to 10 Sweet Flowers a day from Flora, just to the right of the main gate in Mondstadt. Sweet Flowers are an ingredient in the Sweet Madame recipe, which will restore 22% of Max HP and an additional 1,200 HP, making it a solid means of healing your characters at any point in the game.

Where to farm Sweet Flowers

Mt. Aozang

Near Mt. Aozang in Liyue is a small group of islands. The most southern island will have plenty of sweet flowers on it.

Starfell Lake

Near the Statue of the Seven in Starfell Lake you can find lots of Sweet Flowers. You can also find a lot of them in an around the Windrise area of the game.

The main trick to getting Sweet Flowers is to realise just how common they are. It is very easy to keep a high stock of them by farming them as a secondary material, no matter what else you are doing in the game.

You also don’t need any kind of special interaction to farm them, unlike other plants which might require a certain elemental type. This means you can farm them no matter who is in your party.

The one thing to be careful about is that enemies called Whopperflowers can occassionally hide in the ground, and will look like Sweet Flowers. This will always be slaved to your world level, however, so should not prove to be a huge issue if you run into them.