Where to find the Cell Key in Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose

The key to freedom.

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It has been 16 long years since the events of Resident Evil Village and Rose has taken his place in the DLC titled Shadows of Rose. Return to where it all started in the Village DLC and learn what happened to Miranda. As you progress through the beginning of the DLC, you will receive a task to track down the location of the Cell Key for whoever is locked behind the door. This guide will show you where to find the Cell Key in Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose.

Cell Key location in Shadows of Rose

After waking up in Miranda’s memories, you will progress through some dungeons filled with horrific sights and weird goo. After a short while, you will come across a door before hearing a woman cry out for help. Who this unnamed lady is, we don’t know, but we do know that she needs help. Turn to the left of the door and walk down the stairs. Follow the path forward and go through the next door. This will lead you into a room with a cell and a bunch of junk.

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Go around the junk and a chandelier will fall. Continue through the arch to the right of where the chandelier falls to find an open cell door. Go through the open door to find the Cell Key hanging on the wall near some of the mysterious goo. You will get a cutscene after grabbing the key that shows the goo coming to life.

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After picking up the Cell Key, head back the way you came. This time, things will be a bit weirder as the goo starts moving and appearing in more areas. Use the Cell Key on the door that the woman’s voice came from. While you might not find Miranda, you will be continuing the DLC.