Where to find the CIA Outpost in Call of Duty: Warzone

The walls have ears.

Image via Activision

There are a handful of new points of interest appearing in Call of Duty: Warzone as we arrive at the halfway point for Season 3 in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Season 3 has a distinct 80s theme, and what better way to celebrate this time period than bringing in two of the most iconic action heroes of this time period: John McClane and Rambo from the Die Hard and Rambo movies, respectively. The points of interest appearing in Warzone are from these movies, and there’s a CIA outpost that’s been tasked to track down Rambo. This will be where you turn in the dog tags you find from the 10 Survival Camps scattered all over Verdansk.

The location of the CIA outpost is inside Airport Hangers. You can find these hangers on the northwest portion of the map. The exact location is to the east of Verdansk Airport proper, in the Airport Maintenance region, north of the Airplane Factory.

Inside of these hangers will be the CIA Outpost, and you’ll be able to turn in the dog tags you find at the survival camps for rewards. Because the Survival Camps are scattered all over Verdansk, you’re better off learning their locations before you commit to grabbing them all in one match and bringing them to this location, or you can do it during a Plunder match to save the time of becoming frustrated with jumping from match to match if you die. You can expect players to camp this location, waiting for others to appear and submit their prizes.

For those looking for Nakatomi Plaza in Warzone, we listed out its location in Verdansk’s Downtown.