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How to get Leech Juice in Hogwarts Legacy

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As you might have figured out, certain items are needed in order to craft certain potions and items in Hogwarts Legacy. One such item is Leech Juice, which is needed in order to make both the Maxima Potion and the Thunderbrew. So, how can you find Leech Juice in Hogwarts Legacy? Let’s take a look at what needs to be done.

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Where to get Leech Juice in Hogwarts Legacy

Much like Leaping Toadstools Caps, Leech Juice can be purchased in Hogsweade. J. Pippin’s Potions sells Leech Juice in groups of five for 150 Coins. This is an option for those who have the cash on hand to purchase this item. But, we can find Leech Juice for free in Hogwarts Legacy.

Leech Juice can be found in the South Hogwarts Region, on the road that connects Hogwarts to Hogsmeade. However, one must leave the road and head towards the waterfronts. Leech Juice can be obtained by collecting little orange insects that can be found on the ground.

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The key to collecting Leech Juice is to look for bodies of water. Then, excavate the areas surrounding the water. This is because Leech Juice can be found in other areas, besides South Hogwarts. For example, here’s South Hogsmeade on the map.

In the location marked by the purple cursor, another collection of Leech Juice can be found. Keep an eye out for these spots, and then tap X/Square when you get right by the leeches to collect. Do this, and one should be able to collect plenty of Juice in no time. And as mentioned previously, Leech Juice is needed for the Thunderbrew and the Maxima Potion.

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