Where to find the Dragonheart Outpost Glyph in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

One well-hidden glyph.

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight let players take to the sky in a way never before possible with the addition of Dragonriding. While you are only able to be airborne for a short time in the beginning, collecting hidden glyphs spread around the Dragon Isles will allow you to unlock abilities in your Dragonriding tree to make flight easier and basically infinite.

One of the harder glyphs to find is the Dragonheart Outpost glyph located in The Waking Shores. Here is everything you need to know to find it.

How to get the Dragonheart Outpost Glyph in World of Warcraft

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The Dragonheart Outpost is a large tower located towards the center of The Waking Shores. The exact coordinates you are looking for are 69.30, 46.20. The easiest way to get this glyph if you do not have many talents unlocked is to launch yourself from either the Ruby Life Pools or Skytop Observatory and head straight for The Dragonheart Outpost.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

There is a large break in the upper reaches of the tower, and the glyph is found near the top and in the center of this opening. You are going to want to use most of your Vigor to stay higher up on the way there. This is incredibly easy as the suggested take-off points let you get a lot of height before you reach the tower.

To get the glyph, all you need to do is fly your dragon through it. This will give you one talent point toward your Dragonriding tree. You can open the talent tree by clicking the giant dragon icon on your minimap.

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Dragonriding has given World of Warcraft a new way to traverse the environment, and there is no going back now that it is here. Take to the skies and find as many glyphs as you can so that you can travel around the Dragon Isles with ease.