The best dragonriding talents to get while leveling in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Don’t get bogged down trying to get them all while leveling!

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is soaring to new heights with the addition of dragonriding. This new form of flying speeds up the leveling process immensely and changes up the way players interact with the environment. Players will earn the ability to ride dragons very early in their questing campaign once arriving at The Dragon Isles. In order to truly excel at the craft, there are glyphs spread around the continent that can be used to unlock new abilities in the dragonriding talent tree. Players may want to collect them all right away, but it is actually more efficient to get only a few while leveling and focus on the rest later.

Best dragonriding talents in Dragonflight

The most important dragonriding talents while leveling are actually available quite early in the tree. The tree does branch on the second row, and so many players wonder what order to unlock these abilities.

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Take to the Skies is the first talent choice. This will increase your vigor to 4 and allow for more uses of the dragonriding abilities to stay in the air for longer periods of time. This only costs 1 dragonriding glyph.

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The tree will then branch into three different options. Players should collect 3 more glyphs and spend them on Dynamic Stretching next. This talent is the middle option and will increase the rate at which your vigor regenerates by 1 per 25 seconds while grounded. This allows you to utilize dragonriding more efficiently between questing locations.

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The third talent unlocked should be Thrill Chaser. This also costs 3 glyphs and is the rightmost option of the three branches. It causes the Thrill of the Skies passive to generate 1 vigor every 10 seconds. This means that you can gain altitude or speed more often if you are at max speed while soaring.

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The final talent that is the most useful for leveling is the leftmost talent, Redirection. This talent increases the effectiveness of Surge Forward by 125% while at low speeds. Surge Forward does exactly what is expected. It launches your dragon forward to increase speed. Spending 3 glyphs on this will be extremely useful while questing.

Where to find dragonriding glyphs in The Dragon Isles

Dragonriding glyphs are found all throughout The Dragon Isles. Trying to get all of them right away instead of questing will cause you to fall behind the pack and might actually make leveling take longer. While every talent is useful, you only really need 10 glyphs while leveling to be efficient. Here are the easiest 10 glyphs to get while leveling that take minimal time investment in the initial Waking Shores zone.

  • Glyph 1 – X:58 Y:55 – In the arch just past the end of path you take while learning dragonriding
  • Glyph 2 – X:75 Y:57 – Up on the pillar during the Skytop Observatory questing section.
  • Glyph 3 – X:74 Y:57 – Same area, just on the way back down to the hub.
  • Glyph 4 – X:69 Y:46 – Inside the broken pillar
  • Glyph 5 – X:75 Y:37 – On top of a broken building
  • Glyph 6 – X:58 Y:79 – On top of a snowy cliff
  • Glyph 7 – X:41 Y:72 – On a narrow peak just past Wrathion
  • Glyph 8 – X:56 Y:74 – On top of a mountain on the way to the next zone
  • Glyph 9 – X:49 Y:86 – Above a stream on the way to the next zone
  • Glyph 10 – X:78 Y:21 – Next to a tree at the beginning of the next zone story chapter

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Players looking to begin their journey in The Dragon Isles will stay ahead of the crowd by prioritizing these few talents first and then focusing on leveling. Don’t forget to get some good addons for the adventure as well!