Where to find the Gravel Stone Seal in Elden Ring

Add a little jolt to your incantations.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Sacred Seals are how players cast incantations in Elden Ring. While there isn’t a large selection of Seals — seven in the entire game, to be exact — each one does something different, and depending on your playstyle, could make or break a build. While the Confessor class starts out with a Finger Seal, other classes will have to purchase or track down their Seals. One such Seal is extremely important to locate if you’re going for a Faith build — here’s where to find the Gravel Stone Seal in Elden Ring.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You will need access to Leyndell, and furthermore you will need to have cleared a majority of the zone. The closest Site of Grace is the West Capital Rampart, pictured above. From here, head north to the walkway and look over the ledge. You should see an entrance to the Fortified Manor, as well as some enemies on the balcony just below you. Drop down and dispatch all three before heading north and dropping down onto the house below.

To the north are two Leyndell Knights — one carrying a spear, the other firing at you with a bow. It is recommended that you kite the spearwielder behind a structure so that you don’t get pelted with arrows while dealing with him. After defeating the spearwielder, the Gravel Stone Seal will drop. This seal is important for those of you that like the Dragon Cult incantations, such as Lightning Spear and Electrify Armament. This does not boost Dragon Communion incantations, like Dragonfire or Dragonclaw — for that, you need the Dragon Communion Seal, located in Limgrave.