Where to find the Humidora shotgun in Far Cry 6

Light ’em up.

The Humidora is a special shotgun that players can find in Far Cry 6. The weapon will come with a unique mod setup and cannot be altered at the workbench, unlike normal weapons.

The Humidora can be found on the very first island, along the south coast. Almost directly south of the fort that players need to infiltrate for a story mission, right on the edge of the coast, players will find a large tower.

The tower can be climbed using a grappling hook, and right at the top, players will find the Humidor. This is very interesting shotgun thanks to the mods it has. The Incendiary Shells mod means the weapon can cause targets to go on fire, taking damage over time. This also makes it superb for lighting up any equipment that is prone to exploding.

The weapon is also fitted with Red Dot Sight, making aiming extremely easy. The Fresh Clip mod allows you to do extra damage with the first shot after reloading. While it is a low damage shotgun overall, the additional fire damage and easy shots to the head make up for it, and it’s a formidable and useful early game weapon.