Where to find the Jurassic Park easter egg in Far Cry 6

For copyright purposes it’s called Mesozoic Park.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Far Cry 6 is packed with easter eggs for you to discover while you play. Some are obvious nods to major franchises, while others are a little harder to see. In this guide, we’ll cover how to discover an easter egg that you might completely ignore if you’re not looking for it, one for Jurassic Park.

Step 1: Find Lola

Screenshot by Gamepur

To reach this easter egg, you first need to have completed one of the initial missions in any region of Yara. This will lead to you establishing a base for the guerrillas, and with that base comes Lola. She’s a vendor for black market goods and special operations. Speak to her when you see her and take on the Mesozoico special operation.

Step 2: Find the information point

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Jurassic Park easter egg is early in this mission. While you’re looking around the entrance to the location, Mesozoico Park, you’ll come across an information point with a red button. Press it, and you’ll hear a similar introduction to the park to that of John Hammond from the iconic movie ending with “welcome to Mesozoico Park.” Of course, the entire park could be a nod to the film franchise, but there are no actual living dinosaurs here, making it hard to pull that together, but the wording in this dialogue is unmistakably inspired by the first movie.