Where to find the Pistola Sportiva in Far Cry 6

The explosive Pistola Sportiva is hidden in plain sight. Here is the location.


Screenshot by Gamepur

There are many special weapons you will come across in Far Cry 6, but only some are hidden in areas that you must find on your own. The Pistola Sportiva is one of the few weapons that is hidden almost in plain sight.

Take a look at the map below. The location of the Pistola Sportiva is El Maraton Field in Esperanza. It is located southwest of the city near the main road that leads in and out. You will recognize this area as an abandoned baseball field.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To find the weapon, head through the main doorway of the baseball field and make a right or a left. Head up to the announcer’s booth that is above the entrance. You will see the chest in the image below. Inside is the weapon. Keep in mind that there is a guard out front that you can bribe for information so try not to have your weapon out if you want to interact with them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

What is great about this weapon is the type of bullets it uses. It comes pre-equipped with blast rounds that are great against vehicles and can break bulletproof windshields. This pistol also has a fire rate of 425 RPM. Definitely, one of the faster-firing pistols you will come across in the game and one to keep on hand if the need arises.