Where to find the Recurve Bow in Far Cry 6

A trusty bow and arrow.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’re looking to take out your enemies in Far Cry 6 silently, there’s no better weapon to get the job done than a bow. You can find the Recurve Bow pretty early in the game, but it’s a little out of your way to locating it, and it’s heavily guarded. If you want to unlock this bow, you’ll need to do it a certain way, or hope your luck holds out and you can obtain it out in the world. This guide details where you need to go to find a Recurve Bow in Far Cry 6. It’s a two-star weapon.

Unfortunately, the Recurve Bow is a general weapon, which means that there is a random chance of obtaining it whenever you open up an FND Cache. These are scattered all over the island, which means you’ll have to work your way through many of them and hope for the best that one of them is the one you need. However, the best way to make sure you receive it is by unlocking the Guerrilla Garrison. You’ll be able to do this one you’ve made contact with one of the three bases on Yara.

Once you have the Recurve Bow, you can take it back to any workshop and add several modifications to it, increasing its effectiveness. It’s also a great hunting weapon to use against the enemies on Yara without damaging their meat.