Where to find the Rotten Larva Blade, Sword in the Stone Easter Egg

A great starting weapon.


While you will be making a lot of weapons in Grounded, you don’t need to make them all. Some, like the Rotten Larva Blade, can actually be found as you explore the map. The Rotten Larva Blade is great for taking on smaller creatures and is a valuable starting item in the game.

Where to find the Rotten Larva Blade

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You can find the Rotten Larva Blade quite early in the game, as it is located in a pretty safe part of the map where your biggest worry will be ants. Just make your way to the southeast of the giant fallen branch to find it. The Rotten Larva Blade is in a small tent formed by a fallen leaf.

The Rotten Larva Blade has okay damage, but a very fast swing speed, and it doesn’t dramatically drain your stamina while you use it.

When you find the blade, make sure you take it to an Analyzer. You can find one just to the northwest of where the blade is located. Unless you analyze the blade, you will not be able to build it after the one you found breaks.

Larva Blade

To make the Larva Blade you will need the following resources:

It is definitely worth building the Larva Blade as soon as you can, as it has vastly improved stats compared to the Rotten version you will find on the map.