Where to find the Skyshard in Death’s Valor Keep in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

The dead roam these halls.

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Death’s Valor Keep is a Delve in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, and as with all Delves, there are three objectives — clear the side quest, kill the boss, and find the Skyshard. This is a proper dungeon, and it has plenty of side paths and rooms for you to navigate around and through while searching for your objective. If you’d like to know where to find the Skyshard in Death’s Valor Keep, look no further.

Skyshard location in Death’s Valor Keep

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The map above shows the location of the Skyshard, and it’s obtainable immediately without needing to solve a puzzle or navigate a certain path. There are various undead enemies, such as a few Bone Colossi, that are guarding the paths, but nothing too dangerous for you to handle.

Lord Leobert boss location

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While you’re here, you might as well finish off the Death’s Valor Keep Explorer achievement. Head down to the Catacombs once you’ve completed all objectives on the first floor of the Keep. Make your way down to the central area, and you will find Lord Leobert — defeat him, pray at the altar, grab the final quest item and make your way out to complete this Delve.

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