Where to find the Viva Libertad rifle location in Far Cry 6

Viva la revolution.

With all manner of secret and hidden weapons up for grabs, there are many secrets to be found by exploring the map in Far Cry 6. The Viva Libertad is an excellent rifle that players can get early in the game.

To find this weapon, players can play through the campaign until they reach the Libertad Rises mission. After taking out the anti-aircraft guns on the island, they will then need to head for a Lighthouse in the northwest of Vencejo.

Before climbing the Lighthouse, players should check out the house at the bottom. Inside is a rare Gator Chest, and inside that is the Viva Libertad rifle. This rifle will prove useful in the upcoming mission where you need to take out multiple enemies across two boats.

The mission is almost certain to get loud, no matter how stealthy you try to be. Being able to pull out this particular rifle will keep your Supremo charged, which will be important.

The Viva Libertad rifle will do increased damage to lightly armored targets, and also have a laser sight for increase hip-fire accuracy, making it a solid run and gun weapon against most troops in the game. It also comes with mods that give it increase reload speeds, as well as improved Supremo charge rates when scoring headshots.