Where To Find Toxel In Pokemon Sword and Shield


Toxel is an Electric/Poison-type Pokemon that players can find in Sword and Shield. The good news is that there is a straightforward way to get this Pokemon added to your collection. No worrying about the weather, or spawn rates, or anything like that.

Where To Find Toxel In Pokemon Sword and Shield

When you get to Route 5, you will find a Pokemon Nursery. Nurseries allow you to breed Pokemon, but this one has a lovely surprise in store for you. If you head inside and talk to the woman standing behind the counter, she will then you all about Eggs. After that, speak to the younger woman by the door, and she will give you a Toxel.

Toxel is a Baby Pokemon that stores poison in an internal poison sac and secretes that poison out through its skin. What makes Toxel so interesting is that he is capable of Evolving into two different forms, depending on his nature. Those two forms are Amped, and Low-Key forms of Toxtricity. Your Pokemon nature will determine which form it will evolve into when it reaches Level 30.

  • Amped Form – Adamant, Brave, Docile, Hardy, Hasty, Impish, Jolly, Lax, Naive, Naughty, Rash, Quirky, Sassy
  • Low Key Form – Bashful, Bold, Calm, Careful, Gentle, Lonely, Mild, Modest, Quiet, Relaxed, Serious, Timid

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