Where to get a Totemic Moondrop in Wytchwood

Snag one for your Moonlight Globe.

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While making your way through Wytchwood’s Snake storyline, you may come across a stumbling block or two. One such point comes when you need to search for and recover three shards of a mirror that belongs to the Weary-Eyed Bard you’re ultimately trying to save from the Snake. One of these shards is in the swamp, surrounded by several flailing Stick Totems. If you try to run between them and quickly snatch the shard, you’ll be interrupted by a suggestion to distract the Totems with a Moonlight Globe. A key ingredient in this reagent is a Totemic Moondrop.

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These Moondrops are actually a part of the Stick Totems themselves. Unfortunately, gathering a Moondrop from one of the Totems dancing around the mirror shard isn’t possible, as you’ll be interrupted by a message urging you to return with a Moonlight Globe. Instead, you’ll have to find another Totem in the Swamp. There are quite a few to choose from, but an easy one to find is just up the nearby path. Take the path north to the small bridge, and the Stick Totem should be waiting just on the other side.

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Pausing the game with your Witch Eye Sense and highlighting the Totem reveals its weaknesses: a Snagvine and your Logger’s Hatchet. The order in which these weaknesses are listed is important, as your hatchet will only work once you’ve used a Snagvine to ensnare the Totem. If you don’t already have a Snagvine on hand, be sure to craft one using three Seeker Vines and a Sewing Kit.

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Once you have your Snagvine crafted and equipped, simply use it to ensnare the Stick Totem. Once the Totem is incapacitated, chop it to pieces with your Hatchet. It will drop a few different types of material, one of which will be your shiny new Totemic Moondrop.

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