Where to get Aloe in Tower of Fantasy

You can find Aloe in Vera, pun intended.

Image via Tower of Fantasy YouTube

If you spend too much time under the strong desert sun, you’ll surely get a sunburn. In Tower of Fantasy, Aloe Vera conveniently grows in the game’s only desert, ready to be plucked and applied to your burns at a moment’s notice. However, considering the vastness of the desert in question, you’ll only find Aloe if you know exactly where to look for it.

Where to find Aloe Vera

Image via HoYoLab

On the arid planet of Vera exists the only desert in Tower of Fantasy: the Gobby Desert. Naturally dry and inhospitable, very little can grow in the dunes of this desert, outside the vicinity of the region’s handful of scattered oases.

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The sizable population of Aloe plants in this desert reserves itself to a cluster of unmarked oases near the center of the Gobby desert. A total of eight unmarked individual oases flank Vera’s capital mega-city — Mirroria — on all sides. To the northeast of this city, just southeast from Mirroria Outpost, are a pair of oases whose patches of green-and-growing grass play host to more Aloe than you’ll know what to do with.

Though Aloe may seem really easy to gather in droves, there’s one catch barring you from doing so — Vera and its deserts don’t exist yet, at least as far as game updates are concerned. While the planet is not in Tower of Fantasy’s current version, it will be added in a massive expansion as part of the upcoming Update 2.0.