Where to get Chilies in Tower of Fantasy

The hottest environments in Tower of Fantasy deserve the hottest food.

Image via Level Infinite

When you think of a desert, you often immediately think of the immense heat that batters you as you trek across its dunes. In Tower of Fantasy, this desert heat is also channeled in its Chili plants, which are exclusive to the only desert biome in the game. These Chilies, which can be used as food items and cooking ingredients, can be efficiently harvested from the desert as long as you know where to look for them.

Where to find Chilies in Tower of Fantasy

Image via HoYoLab

Chili plants will only grow on the desert planet of Vera, within the hardy confines of its Gobby desert. While not much can grow in the arid and rapidly eroding sand, most desert flora is confined to growing in the vicinity of Vera’s handful of oases, and Chilies are no exception.

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While over a dozen Chilies can spawn on Vera at any given time, they are concentrated in a single location on the map. Rather than being evenly spread out across these oases, they instead grow near only the Saltwater Oasis. This particular oasis can be found nestled in between mountains in the northernmost region of Vera, a substantial walk due north from the Old Mirroria City Grounds.

If you’re eager to start harvesting Chilies right now, you will, unfortunately, need to wait an unspecified amount of time to do so. The planet of Vera is a piece of content that is expected to go live in Tower of Fantasy with Update 2.0. However, this update has yet to receive a formal release date, instead proposed for sometime later this year.