Where to get Black Truffles in Tower of Fantasy

The most sought after of all the mushrooms.

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You’ll find plenty of different ingredients as you make your way through Tower of Fantasy. Some of these ingredients are very plentiful, while others are quite difficult to find. One of the more difficult-to-find ingredients is Black Truffles. These rare mushrooms are quite the delicacy and well-worth the search. This ingredient is great to use to cook some high-quality meals.

Black Truffles location in Tower of Fantasy

You will need to wait some time before you can get your hands on Black Truffles. This is because the mushroom is only found in the Warren region. This is the region in the northeast part of the map that is covered in snow. You won’t be able to reach this area until you have upgraded your Suppressor to V3.4. If you are following the story, this is the fifth region you will go to.

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Black Truffles are easy to locate once you know where they are. They look like small black/brown blobs on the ground and they only appear inside the large circular structures in the ground. These are typically filled with aberrant enemies, so keep your guard up. Each of these structures will typically have four or five Truffles at the bottom of them.

How to use Black Truffles

If you don’t wish to cook your Black Truffles, you can choose to eat them by themselves. Each Black Truffle will restore 7% of your character’s health plus an additional 15,000. Black Truffles also restore four Satiety points to your character. If you want to use the mushrooms for meals, you can craft Truffle Fried Rice. This meal will increase your physical damage by a good amount as well as restore 20 Satiety points.