Where to get Caviar in Tower of Fantasy

Definitely not a rare delicacy.

Image via Hotta Studios

Tower of Fantasy has some pretty high-class ingredients. You can get items like Sea Urchins, Snow Lotus’, and even Catapillar Fungus. One of the more high-class ingredients you can obtain is Caviar. These bowls of fish eggs are sure to make your character feel fancy. Of course, you could hunt them down for the health benefits. After all, they do go great in a freshly-cooked meal.

Caviar location in Tower of Fantasy

Most of the ingredients you will find throughout Tower of Fantasy can be found on the ground across the map. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to obtain Caviar as enemies drop this ingredient. No, Caviar isn’t dropped by fish — Ravagers drop it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ravagers location in Tower of Defense

Ravagers might not seem like the type of people to enjoy a heaping helping of Caviar, but you would be wrong. The drop chance might be a tad low, but you can get Caviar by defeating any ravager enemy in the game. You typically won’t encounter these enemies until you reach the Navia region. This is the area to the north of Banges. The enemies that seem to drop Caviar the most are the miniboss Ravager enemies. Some of these enemies’ locations are marked on the map above.

How to use Caviar in Tower of Fantasy

Caviar is a great ingredient to consume without cooking it if you are in a pinch and require some health. Eating a jar of Caviar will restore five percent of your character’s health and give them two Satiety points. If you are interested in cooking this ingredient, you can use it to make Caviar Potato Balls and Caviar Sushi if you have the other ingredients required for the recipes.