Where to get Firecaps in Tower of Fantasy

Add a little spice to every dish.

Image via Hotta Studios

There are a ton of different ingredients that you will discover as you make your way across the world of Tower of Fantasy. These ingredients will be sweet, salty, and even spicy. Firecaps are a type of mushroom with a fiery flavor that is sure to add some spice to whatever dish you put them in. Unfortunately, they aren’t the easiest ingredient to find and can only be found in one area.

Where to get Firecaps in Tower of Fantasy

While most of the ingredients that you can find will be available in multiple regions, Firecaps are only able to be found in the Crown region. This is the fourth area that you will gain access to as you make your way through the story. The high cliffs of this location are the perfect place to find this spice mushroom.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you read the description of the Firecaps, it will tell you that they can only be found in the Crown region. That is quite vague since it doesn’t tell you where in the region to look. These mushrooms can actually be found all over the region in various areas. The locations marked on the map above are the areas where we had the most luck finding Firecaps. It appears that they grow in areas near cliffs.

How to use Firecaps

It should come as no surprise that Firecaps can be used to cook with. Visit any cooking station across the map to start cooking up the Firecaps in a dish if you have the other required ingredients. We don’t recommend eating Firecaps by themselves since they don’t offer much value for your character. Eating a Firecap will restore two Satiety points. Unfortunately, these mushrooms don’t offer any health.