Where to get Fleshy Tails in Tower of Fantasy

These can regrow, right?

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In any open-world game with a crafting component, it is essential to master skills to gain all the benefits you can get from them. This is no different in Tower of Fantasy, as it shares much of those same design characteristics. For example, you will want to develop your cooking skill to be able to heal your characters and get all sorts of different buffs that will help you in the game. Like actual cooking, you will have to head out and gather various ingredients for the dishes. Some are more exotic than others; for example, several meals use an ingredient called Fleshy Tail. In this case, it is exactly what it says on the tin. This guide details how to get Fleshy Tails and what they’re used for in Tower of Fantasy.

Fleshy Tail location in Tower of Fantasy

To get Fleshy Tails for your cooking needs, you will need to head to the desert region of Vera. Inhabited by all sorts of creatures, Vera is quite populated despite being a sandy desert. To get Fleshy Tails, however, you want to hunt creatures of the Wild Beast variety. This essentially means that most animal life in the desert has a chance to drop Fleshy Tail as part of their loot. They can be found in all shapes and sizes across the region, but just like in real life, the best areas to look for them will be the various oasis scattered around the place.

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What is Fleshy Tail used for in Tower of Fantasy?

Fleshy Tails are a part of several recipes in Tower of Fantasy. Those recipes include:

  • Grilled Lizard Tail — requires 2 Fleshy Tails
  • Spicy Fried Rice — requires 1 Fleshy Tail
  • Barbecue Platter — requires 1 Fleshy Tail