Where to get Flier Nectar Jelly in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

You don’t have to eat this jelly.

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Flier Nectar Jelly in Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the many resources you will want to find to upgrade your characters on your adventures. It’s a critical resource for crafting some of the higher-quality gems you want to give your characters to enhance their abilities and strengthen them in combat. Finding these resources can be tricky, though. This guide details where you need to go to find Flier Nectar Jelly in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to get Flier Nectar Jelly in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Flier Nectar Jelly is one of the more common resources you can find while exploring Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It will not appear in a specific area, but it does drop off multiple enemy types you encounter, some are called Light Fliers, and others are called Cave Fliers. They look like large butterflies, and some even look like dragonflies. So long as they have Flier in the name, they will drop Flier Nectar Jelly.

They spawn throughout the game at multiple different levels. They do not have a set region, so we recommend exploring areas set to your level and seeking out Fliers.

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They typically range from Standard to Rare qualities. After you’ve finished taking them down in your chosen area, we recommend Skip Traveling to the nearest Landmark and then returning to that location to battle them again. You can repeat the process until you’ve required enough of the resource to produce as many Gems as you need for your characters.

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You can expect to encounter more powerful versions of this monster in future locations. Again, these creatures appear in unique models and sizes, and exploring any area at your party level is a good idea.