How to perform Ouroboros Orders in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Attack using an Ouroboros pairing during a Chain Attack.

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Every time you complete a Chain Attack in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, there’s a breakdown of how much damage you did and how many chains you finished. To the right is the number of Ouroboros Orders you completed during the Chain Attack. However, how you go about ensuring an Ouroboros Order is not entirely explained. This guide covers how to perform an Ouroboros Order in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and what it does.

How the Ouroboros Orders work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

If you do not have access to the Ouroboros Orders, you will need to progress further in the story. It becomes available close to the end of Chapter 3 and after you battle against a sizeable mechanical creature when you exit the mines. There are two ways to use Ourobors Orders during a Chain Attack. The first is to complete orders in a Chain Attack back-to-back of an Ouroboros pair, for example, Noah and Mio. The proper order should not matter, but completing one and then the other will bring up an Ouroboros Order featuring their pairing.

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The second method is to start a Chain Attack while an Ouroboros form is on the field, and that pairing is at interlink level three. You can increase your characters’ interlink level by performing Fusion Arts in combat and holding off on an Ouroboros link. If you perform the Ouroboros link before it reaches level three, once you complete the pairing, the interlink level returns to zero, and you will need to start over again.

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Both of these methods are viable, but the second method might be the best way to do this to ensure it happens at the start of your Chain Attack command. Once you reach this point in the story to unlock Ouroboros Orders, we recommend using them throughout your time playing the game.