Where to get Luminescent Spine in Genshin Impact

Glow in the dark.

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Luminescent Spine is one of many items that players will need to farm up in Genshin Impact. It is derived from small fireflies that can be found floating around the areas of Mondstadt and northern Liyue. Because of the nature of the creatures, it is much easier to hunt them down at night time.

Players will need to be careful, however. If you run or dash toward the fireflies, they will be spooked and tough to catch. Instead, just walk at them and interact with them when prompted to get the Luminescent Spines.

Image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map
  • Stormbearer Point
  • West of Thousand Winds Temple
  • East of Springvale
  • East of Dawn Winery
  • West of Qingce Village

The Luminescent Spine is used to create Floaty Splodys and Portable Waypoints.

In-game descriptions

The light-emitting part of a firefly. Used for courtship, and in medicine to help recover strength.