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Where to get Mandrakes in Hogwarts Legacy – All Mandrake locations

These plants scream in excitement.

Mandrakes are a notorious creature from the Harry Potter books and movies, and they make an appearance in Hogwarts Legacy. You initially encounter them during your Herbology class, but you can find them later on to use against enemies, stunning them in combat to make it easier to defeat them. There are a handful of ways to find Mandrakes. Here’s what you need to know about all Mandrake locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to find Mandrakes in Hogwarts Legacy

There are two ways to find Mandrakes. The first is by finding them while exploring the wilds outside of Hogwarts. There are a handful of locations you can visit, with the nearest one being on the east side of the Forbidden Forest. There’s a ruined building on a hill, where you can find several Mandrakes in a garden. They will be surrounded by a body lying on the ground and protected by several undead creatures, which means you want to make sure to use the Incendio spell against them.

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The other method is to speak with the owner of the Dogweed and Deathcap store. The store is located to the north in Hogsmeade. The vendor at this location sells a handful of helpful supplies, such as the Mandrake. She sells Mandrakes, and she offers to sell you Mandrake seeds. By providing you Mandrake seeds, you can freely grow them yourself in the Room of Requirement or while visiting the Herbology class.

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Both of these options are suitable if you’re looking to find Mandrakes, but between the two, we’re going to recommend Mandrake seeds. They offer you far more options and versatility to grow Mandrakes, and you can grow as many as you want, so long as you don’t mind waiting for the timer.

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