Where to get more Supremo-Bond in Far Cry 6

Supremo-Bond is a rare material but necessary in the fight against Castillo.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you retrieve your first Supremo in Far Cry 6, you will be introduced to one of the many crafting materials you will need in the game. That material is Supremo-Bond. Supremo-Bond is used to upgrade your Supremos. Here is where you can find more of it.

Supremo-Bond locations

There are a few different places you can collect Supremo-Bond to upgrade your deadly weapon. Remember, you will need this material for any of the upgrades for your Supremos so it is important to collect as much of it as you can. You can find Supremo-Bond in these places:

  • Libertad Chests
  • Ambushes
  • Supply Drops

To put more detail into it, Libertad Chests are pretty inconsistent at giving you upgrade materials. These chests can drop Supremo-Bond and even gunpowder if you are lucky. These chests are the blue-colored ones with the Libertad logo on them. You can find these chests by bribing soldiers for their locations. They appear on your map as white and blue chest icons.

Ambushes can net you some Supremo-Bond as well. These appear on your map as a diamond with a gun on it. Ambushes are pretty simple. It is a group of guards protecting a package. Run in and take out the guards to retrieve the package.

Supply Drops can be found pretty easily. While you are traversing the map, you will occasionally hear a plane fly over you. Whenever it is gone, check your surroundings for yellow smoke. This will mark where a supply drop is. Don’t think you will get the supplies easily, however, because guards will also be attracted to the location of the drop. Take them out for your rewards.