Where to get Potatoes in Tower of Fantasy

The most basic of cooking items.

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There are a lot of different ingredients for you to find throughout the land of Tower of Fantasy. One of the more basic ingredient items that are surprisingly hard to find is potatoes. These tasty starches are buried in the ground and only found in select areas. Unfortunately, it may take you a little while before you can get your hands on a bunch of them and make some good meals. Here is where you can find potatoes in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to find Potatoes in Tower of Fantasy

You may get the occasional potato throughout the beginning of the game. Throughout the first chapter of the game, you will be in the Astra region. This region isn’t known for having many starches but you can get a few potatoes by opening Supply Pods and completing various activities. This method isn’t very effective at getting a large number of potatoes.

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If you want to get a bunch of potatoes, you will want to go to the Banges region. There isn’t a specific location where you can find potatoes here, they are mainly scattered around wooded areas with lots of shrubberies.

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potatoes can be found around shrubs and at the base of trees. There are plenty of locations to find potatoes in the Banges region as long as you go inland and avoid the coast.

How to use Potatoes

Like other ingredients, you can find potatoes in the cooking menu. You can access this menu from the backpack menu by selecting the cooking option. Potatoes aren’t the best food to consume raw. Consuming a potato raw will only increase your character’s Satiety meter by one point. Because of this, you will want to make sure to use potatoes at cooking stations and turn them into meals. This will allow you to get the most out of this starch.