Where to get Scallops in Tower of Fantasy

The primary food for coastal dwellers.

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There are plenty of different ingredients for you to find in the land of Aida. Using these ingredients that you discover, you can make some impressive meals that will seriously help your character. One of the many ingredients in Tower of Fantasy that you can find is Scallops. You may be familiar with Scallops, since this tasty morsel is typically eaten in seafood dishes. If you want your character to get a taste of the sea, you will need to track some of the Scallops down.

Where to find Scallops in Tower of Fantasy

Scallops are small shells that you can find along the coasts of Aida. This ingredient is one of the primary food sources for coastal dwellers in the game. As such, you will want to comb the beaches to find them.

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Unfortunately, you can’t find Scallops on just any beach. These shells can only be found along the beaches of Banges. This is the second region you will go to in the game after you are done with Astra. The game will tell you that Scallops are found on the South Shore. This is technically right but you will want to focus on the beach in the middle of the region. This is where you will find most of the Scallops.

How to use Scallops

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Scallops, like other ingredients found in Tower of Fantasy, can be used at cooking robots to craft elaborate meals for your character to consume. These meals will restore your character’s health and fill their Satiety meter. You should avoid eating raw Scallops since they don’t offer much help to your character. Consuming one raw will only give your character two Satiety points. It is much better to wait until you can cook Scallops to consume them.