Where to get Sunsettia in Genshin Impact

As tasy as dusk.

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Sunsettia is a common food item in Genshin Impact. It grows on trees and can be found in both Mondstadt and Liyue. When eaten, a Subsettia will restore 300 HP to the character, but will not have any cross party effects. Sunsettia is also used to make Jam.

Sunsettia is pretty common in the game, so is actually not that hard to find and you should be able to constantly farm it just by grabbing any fruits that you see as you play through other missions and activities. It can also be found by scavenging at boxes or barrels that have a gleam of light coming from them.

If you need to find a lot of Sunsettia fast, such as for Liben during the special Miraculous Marvels event, then the best place to go is Dadaupa Gorge near Cape Falcon in Mondstadt.

You find four different Sunsettia trees that are all quite close together, giving you 12 Sunsettia each time you visit this area. When harvesting Sunsettia you can attack the tree to make them fall to the ground, which makes gathering them easier.

How to make Jam

You can make Jam by processing foods at any cooking fire in the game. You will need the following ingredients:

  • 3 Sunsettia
  • 2 Berry
  • 1 Sugar

Jam is used in the Mondstadt Hash Brown and Puppy-Paw Hash Brown recipes.