Where to get Teachings of Light in Genshin Impact

You can get the Teachings of Light here.

The Teachings of Light is a resource material in Genshin Impact that allows you to level up your characters’ talent levels, which include a character’s Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst. Doing so will increase their damage, and potentially any secondary effect such as shield strength.

Currently, the Teachings of Light is required to level up the talents of Raiden Shogun, and Sayu, two recently released Inazuma characters. Getting to the domain where the Teachings of Light domain does require you to unlock Inazuma, so if you don’t have that unlocked, you’re out of luck.

You can farm the Teachings of Light at the Violet Court, south of Akakane Island. Head there using a waverider and find the entrance to unlock it. You’ll get the typical 5 Primogems and teleport waypoint by doing so. There are no other special unlock requirements here.

Screenshot by Gamepur.

The Teachings of Light are available on the following days:

  • Wednesday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

The domain itself benefits Electro users, giving all Electro characters a 25% DMG buff. You can also get Electro Crystalfruit and Nascent Electro Pearls in the middle of battle. Collecting the latter will empower your attacks with Falling Thunder, which unleashes lighting upon hitting enemies dealing AoE Electro DMG.

The challenge features two Kairagi samurai (one Dancing Thunder and one Fiery Might) and six Treasure Hoarders. An Electro team is not strictly necessary, as they only benefit from the DMG bonus, so bring whatever party you want. AoE damage is still recommended however as if you are unable to kill both Kairagi at the same time, the other will refill half their health and make your run take longer.

There are four difficulty levels that unlock as your Adventure Rank increases. The higher difficulty you challenge, the higher quality rewards you’ll obtain. You need 20 Original Resin to claim your reward each run.