Where to get the EXP Share in Pokémon Fire Red

Passive EXP for your lazy Pokémon.

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Just like in every game in the series, EXP is the fuel that powers up your Pokémon in Fire Red, helping them evolve into even more formidable creatures. Without it, your Pokémon are about as useful as a Magikarp trying to learn Hyper Beam. That said, leveling up new Pokémon can be a real chore. Thankfully, Fire Red introduced EXP Share, which allows you to distribute experience points to all of your Pokémon, even the ones who didn’t participate in the battle. Let’s take a look at how EXP Share works and where to get it in Pokémon Fire Red.

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How to get the EXP Share in Pokémon Fire Red

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you want to level up your team without all the hassle of grinding, the Exp Share is your new best friend. Like most good things, you’ll need to work for it. Here is how to get the EXP Share:

  1. Fill up your Pokédex with 50 Pokémon species.
  2. Head over to Fuchsia City and take a pleasant stroll east until you hit Route 15.
  3. Then, enter the building guarded by a tough-looking dude, climb the stairs, and find the guy in the white coat.
  4. If he sees that you’ve caught ’em all (well, 50 of ’em at least), he’ll hand over the coveted Exp Share, and you’ll be well on your way to raising a team of unstoppable Pokémon.

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How does EXP share work in Pokémon Fire and Red

To level up your Pokémon quickly, give the EXP Share to the lazy one that likes to chill in the back of the party. The best part? They don’t need to lift a paw in the battle to gain experience. Just have the other Pokémon defeat opponents, and you’ll immediately see the results. Fifty percent of the experience goes to the holder, and the other half is split between the fighters. 

If you’ve got a whole party, don’t worry, the holder will still get their fair share. If the EXP is 200, they’ll get 100; the rest will be divided among the active participants. Pro-tip: start the battle with the holder and switch them out for an even bigger experience boost. If any of your party members faint, don’t sweat it, the experience won’t go to waste. That said, if the holder faints, they’ll have to sit this one out and share the experience like everyone else.