Where to get the La Guaracha rocket launcher in Far Cry 6

Make things go boom.

Far Cry 6 is filled with all manner of weapons for players to get their hands on. While it is possible to find standard weapons and spruce them up at the workbench, the game also contains signature weapons.

The La Guaracha rocket launcher can be found in the center of town in Segunda. Players will need to visit this location during the Hype Bomb quest. Right in the center of town, players will be able to find the rocket launcher in a special ornate case.

The La Guarache is an interesting weapon. It comes with preinstalled mods, and cannot be altered at a workbench. The mods allow it to be holster and drawn quicker than normal, and also do increase damage to enemies who are low health.

The best thing about this weapon is that it is an easy-to-find rocket launcher. It is just sitting in a crate in the middle of a town, so players can go and collect it whenever they like. It will prove incredibly useful for dealing with helicopters and tanks. It also has the advantage of giving players a way to take out anti-aircraft units at range.

The main issue with the La Guaracha is that it will take two rockets to take down a small helicopter, it won’t just one-shot them. As such, players may want to focus attack helicopters out with the Supremo instead.