Can you respec talent points in Hogwarts Legacy?

Make sure you are serious about your choices.

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While we all love being able to grow our RPG characters and make them more powerful, there are times you can regret putting your hard-earned points into the wrong category. With that in mind, some games will allow you to respec or essentially start over and let you redistribute those points in new ways. With Hogwarts Legacy introducing its Talent tree, can you respec your Talent Points?

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Is there a way to respec Talent Points in Hogwarts Legacy?

Unfortunately, there is no respec feature in Hogwarts Legacy, at least as of this writing. Once you have spent your Talent Points on an ability in your Talents tree, you are stuck with having that for the rest of your playthrough. However, with that being said, you can reload an older save before assigning those points to put them toward something else.

With that in mind, you may want to start saving before you assign any of these points and keep that save available to jump back to if you want to try something else.

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With how Talent Points are earned, there is no way to acquire all Talents in a single playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy. You can have 35 total Talent Points to spend on 48 potential Talents. Before you go assigning points at the first thing you see, wait and consider how you want to play the game.

As of this writing, there has been no announcement for a respec feature coming in the future. That being said, there is always potential for it to come in a future update or potential DLC expansion. We will update this article if that ever happens.